Current projects - May 2022

Here is a list of my current endeavours. If you like them, you can contribute, help, like or share. Every single interaction means a world to me and the people involved in the projects 🌱

My current ventures are:

  • Zealsio my development agency for web and mobile projects which is a continuation of my work as a freelancer. There is a clear vision and mission behind it that makes it a bit different from the rest of companies. The final goal is to transition to a creative agency and bring back artistic talents to where they belong, back to art. It is actually the opposite of: Artists who code. I wish for people who sacrificed their art for stability, to be able to do what they are good at, this time, with a toolbox of technical skills.
  • Psychedelics Integration, this is my startup project we kickstarted along with my amazing co-founder AndrΓ©s and our kick-ass first collaborator Hannah. We bring Harm Reduction principle to the masses and help as many people as we can through their Psychedelic Journey.

Then my side projects:

  • VANI Studio, a safe place where nudity plays a central role in learning to accept oneself. We use this element to counter the distortion created by the modern times and especially social media. Have you ever heard that people go shopping when they are sad? Well, Instagram and co. do the same thing, they make you feel like shit with yourself and the next thing they do is to serve you a targeted ad like a missile.
  • Ice Dippers Berlin, I am really glad to be part of the community of ice dippers in Berlin. In here you can find formidable people. The fact that we are gathering just to practice such a dreadful activity makes it a great auto-filter that warranties very singular individuals will join.
  • Secret LGBTQ+ project

Would you like to give a helping hand? πŸ’ž

Feel free to reach out if you would like to collaborate in any of the ideas above. No time? No problem, I may ask you just 5 mins and be sure that the ripples you make will turn into a Tsunami! 🌊

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