For me, you & all of us ❤️

First blog post of this lazy guy. Just 20 years late, but better late than never.

Hi everyone, and thanks for checking this out. As billions of developers, creators, influencers and other wannabes, I am starting a blog, wow! Not really wow though. Why now you might ask? I definitely do it for myself, to structure my ideas, learn to express my thoughts and above all learn to receive feedback, improve and provide value, for me, for you and everyone else who shares similar concerns.

As per usual, the intro goes along like: "this is my personal musing about xyz".

So which are mine you ask? Well simply put:

  • Personal transformation: I will be mostly researching about growth by exposing myself out of the comfort zone. My areas of interest revolve around:

    • State of flow
    • Naturism, nudity, body-positivity and self-acceptance. Quoting Yuval Noah Harari: "If you don't feel home in your body, you won't feel home in the world".
    • Psychedelics, nature talks to us directly through plant medicine.
    • Physical conditioning: heat and cold exposure, breath-work and physical endurance.
  • Books

  • Music

  • Languages

  • Learning

  • Permaculture and plants

  • Geodesic domes

  • Solarpunk

  • Bizarre project ideas

  • Hot chilli sauces

  • Otters (because their are superior beings)

As mentioned above, I take the chance to blog about these topics as an exercise to write better, to recapture my attention span and focus and to improve my communication skills. In order to "succeed" (define success, right?), it is imperative to communicate effectively. This applies to both personal and professional life. I will revisit every blog post frequently and update them.